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The system of French bullfight dog is expensive how much be

Pet Question

French bullfight dog is one of the most welcome small-sized dogs on the world, its body has 30-36 high only centimeter, and weight is normally under 28 pounds, because type of build or figure is small, raise in the city very convenient, get so the welcome of a lot of people. Law ox is a mischievous, tack, comfortable stress the strong, dog that makes a person complete cannot defy pair of his love.

French bullfight dog is similar to the miniature edition of dog of common and large bullfight, besides large and erect " batty ear " , this is the mark sex feature of this breed. The head is big and quadrate, there is furrow in cutty nose upper part. Smooth, the body below light jacket is compact, hefty.

French bullfight dog won't cry in disorder commonly, but they also are to have certain alertness. Law ox gets used to the family of all sorts of completely different styles, be like the lone, old person, family that has the child. And do not need have many outdoors campaign. They and other animal get along harmonious, like new friend of associate with mankind. From Paris the townsman to Piaoliya often can discover the dog of this breed.

If you like small-sized dog, like to compare again quiet quite curtilage the dog is planted, so French bullfight dog has not suited again.