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Where is the country of origin that fights person of oxen and hores-beeasts of burden to raise husband dog

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Ma Shi raises husband dogEnglish name is: Mastiff. Country of origin: England, it is a kind of lofty, big and tall, well-balanced dog, the construction is tight. It is smooth wool dog. The image that gives a person is majestic and high. Male whole is very big and tall; Female structure is solid. British Ma Shi raises husband dog, dog of renown England mastiff, or call bullfight mastiff the dog, bodily form is big and tall it is the world dog of the greatest type of build or figure one of. Ma Shi raises husband dog is the breed that England mixes kind of education to make farm beefeater dog at first, after reaching, develop to act as army dog, fight a variety of identities such as the dog. The Ma Shi of nowadays raises husband dog besides the member that is bound of soldiers and police, what the individual character of composed honest and sincere increases special to host loyalty is idiosyncratic, also be the domestic dog breed of the popularity. Nevertheless, mashidifu canine bodily form and power are very great, do not suit child or minor person control, ying Xianrang has experience personage to had trained to just can be raised.

In ancient time, people to cope with poacher, ceng Yin regards shooting guard as the dog with mastiff dog. But the type of build or figure of mastiff dog is too great, and rate is too slow, cannot be competent completely the job that pursues convict. Then, people tries petty the bullfight dog that has rate however and mastiff dog are mixed kind, referenced mastiff dog the 60% scale with 40% bullfight dog, be born the British Ma Shi that goes out to have force and rate at the same time raises husband dog, it can be overtaken and capture the person that inbreak, unapt bite or kill they, reason enough competency pursues the job of convict. From this Ma Shi raises husband dog constant the police dog of keep watch at night with shooting administrator is famed, all belong to working dog to plant in the United States and England, belong to practical dog to plant in France.

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