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The knight checks manage king beagle how many money

Pet Question

Press different article in light of the photograph, taste the gundog of the king that check put in order of the photograph commonly, the price is in 800-2000 yuan differ. Taste the gundog of the king that check put in order with a bit better photograph, the price is controlled in 3000 yuan. If be the dog that surpass level or offspring of the dog that surpass level, the price is in tens of thousands of yuan commonly. In British enjoy dog, the knight checks the welcome degree of manage king gundog to be next to York summer, rank 2.

When choosing gundog of the king that check put in order, the scale that notices their head and body needs well-balanced, look cannot too big, also too can small. Expressional sweetness and tenderness are the main feature of this one breed, the eye is big at the same time and round, but not outstanding, be apart from moderate, color is puce, the eyes is clear and bright. Look softly when them to you when, you can experience the tender feelings in their eyes. In the meantime, the ear of this dog is wide wide long those who grow is lop-eared, the position is high, binaural distance won't be too close, grow above have a lot of crest, the meeting when vigilance to facial ministry slight and incendiary. Nose is pure black, should not appear incarnadine fleck. The lip develops, mouth is occlusive and orderly and perfect, won't have acuteness or careful note.