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French bullfight dog this how feed

Pet Question

France fights bulldog, can weighs the noble in bark, it is having the muscle of a suit, simply bully energy of life is very, but the look that having a pair of slow-witted bud again at the same time, really bully gas and lovely hold concurrently, ability is so wide get people reception. But of French bullfight dog raise and do not have so simple, french bullfight dog this how feed, need from feed appetite, feed frequency, drinking water, bathe, motion, the respect such as training goes understanding.

1, hello eat a time

Fight young dog to raise from the law case, feeding feed time aspect to want to pay attention to, because their intestines and stomach is bad, had better be to eat much food less so. The young dog of 3 months feeds 2 ~ 4 times everyday, had better use Wen Shui dog food bubble soft feed it again, also can use bubble of ovine milk powder soft will feed, increase dainty sex; The young dog of 5 months feeds 3 ~ 3 times everyday, change solid food to feed, because lie period of grind one's teeth; Can feed 1~2 everyday into the dog second went.

2, feed appetite

3 months law fights 2 ~ of young dog feeding appetite is about 1/4 what become a dog; 3 ~ 5 months 1/3 of young dog; 5 ~ 8 feeds appetite to be a dog in parts of month of young dog. Every feed the amount that eat to answer according to young dog weight suddenly step up, control is in 8 minutes full left and right sides is best.

3, drinking water

In raising a law to fight canine process, do not give it drinkable unboiled water, had better feed cool leave in vain, and want change ceaselessly fresh water, in order to assure the growth of dog dog development and metabolism. Water the pottery and porcelain that container had better choose clean or stainless steel, still remember diligent clean water bowl, right amount vitamin, dextrose can be put in water, with compensatory nutrition.

4, bathe

The appreciate of French bullfight dog is more serious, but do not represent should bathe often to them. If bathe frequency too too frequent word, the grease that can protect their oneself erodes, can accentuate instead their Sao the happening of urticant, dermatosis, bathing frequency is unfavorable and so overmuch, winter every month 1, every month washs the summer 2~3 second go.

5, motion

The law fights the dog that belongs to leg weak point, if often let it do acuteness exercise, can affect its lumbar, the lumbar that gives it creates pressure. Raise law ox to cannot let it often climb stair to perhaps do acuteness exercise so.

But proper motion is must, create its fat problem very easily otherwise, and bask more, be helpful for body of French bullfight dog be opposite absorb calcicly.

6, train

The intelligence quotient that the law fights does not calculate very tall, but do not train very hard on behalf of it. Because the law fights itself more gluttonous, bestow favor on so advocate a few tie-inner when train snacks chicken does and so on, can increase a law to fight the initiative of training, improve training efficiency.

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