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The disposition appearance feature of bavin dog

Pet Question

Bavin dog special get people reception, and its smile is more genial the heart is clinking, but a lot of people understand it not quite, we have a look at bavin dog to have feature of what disposition appearance together below.

The appearance feature of bavin dog:

Bavin dog resembles is to shrink dog of diminutive Qiu Tian, bodily form is not big, auditive upend is strong, deserve to go up the eye that has a mind and thick black nose, still have soft white and short abdominal hair, the wool on the back is longer.

Bavin dog can divide the bavin that it is bare, black bavin, Bai Chai and til bavin by hair color. Also somebody the face according to bavin dog will differentiate, it is bavin dog face cent: Pointed face vulpine face and round face leopard cat face.

The disposition feature of bavin dog:

Bavin dog is very clever, comprehend ability very strong;

Bavin dog nature is brave, do not fear any animosity power, in the life never affected, recognizant expression is clearer and clear;

Bavin dog disposition is compliant and composed, never cry in disorder in the life, but the feeling that has intense cautionary heart, acumen;

Bavin dog is good-tempered to the person affable, although district consciousness is very strong, but magnanimous when anything crops up;

Appearance of bavin dog body is strong and vigorous, run fast is clever, the movement is nimble, lightsome and have tenacity, cheesy and beautiful, rich move feeling, brought up the temperament with bavin peculiar dog;

Bavin dog is very outstanding partner dog, have independent nature, loyal and devoted to host, Disposition is docile but person, do not bark in disorder, can look after the house protect a courtyard.