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The hair color of bavin dog has a few kinds

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No matter be bare bavin, black bavin, white bavin or til bavin, the hair that their abdomen has one gather white certainly " wrap white " , this is one of typical features of bavin dog.

1, bare bavin

The bavin dog of bare color is the amount is maximum, this and bavin dog originally chase the function is concerned, the ancestor of bavin dog can assist host to chase, bare color conduces to bavin dog better conceal oneself, so hunter people more the bavin dog of preference bare color, in addition from aesthetic go up in light of, bare color is attune of a kind of warm color, also suit bavin dog more people the partner dog identity nowadays, for instance of famous " the net is red 3 bavin " .

2, black bavin

Actually " black bavin " not be completely black, the English name from it " Black&TanColor " can see, so called " black bavin " be black and cinnamon alternate with actually; Will look from the price, black bavin is in the condition of polarization, abandon with dog of breed of some famous bavin dog for exemple, the black bavin of high quality gives column value the bare bavin of high quality of meeting prep above, but average black bavin price criterion slightly under bare bavin.

3, til bavin

The bavin dog of til color is number is more exiguous, by black, white, bare the hair of 3 kinds of color mixes form, and color deserves to compare relatively even, but because mix more equably, look can let feel desultorily, even some resemble " earthy dog " , the attention of Everyman is spent not tall, but inside course of study, the bavin dog of til color because too too exiguous, the price is not cheap. But, likewise exiguous Bai Chai, very awkward...

4, Bai Chai

Bai Chai's amount is opposite also less, but the price is lower however, abandon even professional dog even not very is waited for see Bai Chai, is this to be what? Because be when the constitution standard that establishs bavin dog, white hair is by the definition " disqualification " , and once be defined to be disqualification, lost attend all sorts of dogs kind the competence that shows canine analogy game, so professional dog is abandoned and prep before sees.

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