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Does Brussels shag gundog have aggressiveness

Pet Question

Brussels shag gundog is one kind is produced from the gundog when Yubili, it is very clever, aggressiveness is not strong, although look quite cabinet it but vigilance is very tall, and skill is nimble.

This is a kind of clever, vigilant and strong toy dog, figure dumpy, short, skill is nimble. Have the aspect of seductive similar mankind. Two kinds differ by wool: Bristle and undercoat. Besides be differred by wool, two breed are in other place just the same. Press normally standard, fragrance dog is not a kind of beautiful dog in Brussels case, but extremely rich individual character, once be understood,meet the good friend that becomes people. The nobility of blood relationship both neither in Brussels case is not old also, but it is to have most however characteristic and least of all a kind of dog of common. Although be very good enjoy dog, dog of Brussels case Li Fen not at all pamper. The nose that becomes warped from it and the nature that hit the tail that coil to be able to see its are happy no matter how is years changed, be Belgian street joy from beginning to end " small naughty child " .

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