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Cling to the disposition appearance feature of elder brother dog

Pet Question

Cling to the disposition of elder brother dog shows bright contrast with his appearance, because he is a pair longer simple and honest but the good point that the person's face increases disposition disposition to had exceeded again, cause what a lot of love bestow favor on a personage to raise, after maintaining the host that you are it when it, he can become very good. Very docile, it always is very lively at ordinary times, very humourous appearance brings a lot of joy to the life.
Cling to elder brother dog has zestful nature inherently, they are optimistic and lively. And dog of this kind of pet or a kind of dog that special human nature changes, they colleague kind same, also want to experience different growing level, because visit is disposition,also meet in acquired environment show otherness stage by stage. Cling to elder brother dog hopes to get be shown loving care for masterly and be takinged care of, and they also need host to accord cares enoughly and be taken care of. Because of the disease of mentally, for instance angst disease, melancholia, become dissocial etc, also be but around move cling to elder brother dog.

Cling to appearance of elder brother dog looks can appear relative Mu Ne clumsy, but this is the misunderstanding that appearance gives people absolutely. Cling to the nature with elder brother real dog is very lively, and very clever. Its nature is very unlike its appearance, look foolish foolish logy. Cling to elder brother dog or a kind of pet dog with very strong proper pride, they also can be behaved exceedingly stubbornly occasionally. When cling to when elder brother dog thinks he is correct, argue with host and they can express their dissatisfaction with their means
Cling to of elder brother dog hefty, look very hale, appearance although ferocious, in fact cling to a person's mind of elder brother dog is kind-hearted, clever, have a good memory, feeling rich, personality is outgoing, disposition stability, gentle, lively become reconciled plays, like to play with the child most, it does not need too much and outdoors activity to suit to be raised inside apartment very much so. Cling to the training of elder brother dog is spent easily general, optimum look for alien to train, but cling to elder brother dog can protect host very much, when if have stranger,approaching, can bark very badly. And cling to furrow of appearance of elder brother dog is more, walking along a road to resemble boxer is its feature, it is the breath with murmur sound and the sound that resemble sniffle of Ma Yi appearance serve as the means that communicate. In the meantime, this dog is had admirable reach the individual character that loves clean, these characteristic are become wide get the account that like. Anyhow is individualizing appearance, the dog of tender feelings. Suit to make domestic partner dog very much

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