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The origin that Beilingdu straightens and history

Pet Question

18 centuries end arrives at the beginning of 19 centuries, with benefit bit dog, Dandiximeng the dog such as stalk is planted after mixing blood, reform fast and a such height, beautiful, agile dog is planted, manage original vigor and endurance disposition. Beidelingdu's collier makes puppy itinerate hunting gundog is mixed with it a bottle of dog. Exhibited as alone breed first 1877, now is what the dog mixes very good city family to call the police in order to bark is special dog.

Beilingdu straightens to originate in England formerly, traceable 19 centuries. Name Luo Sibei Lin Geng by country of origin at first, compare body weight with present breed photograph, the foot is short also, use hunt fox, hare and badger. Copulatory production gave the dog of a mother that paused with Bei Deling 1825 allegedly Beidelingdu straightens.

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