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Cling to how much is the weight of elder brother dog about

Pet Question

Grown male cling to the standard weight of elder brother dog should be to be in 16 control to 20 jins, if be in,this weight that this myna shows besides limits slants thin perhaps slant fat. This is not quite healthy performance.

As a result of cling to elder brother dog is lively and amused, must give proper time the activity everyday, but do not need too much and outdoors activity. Additional, this dog respiratory tract is particularly short unfavorable have too violent campaign (because breathe hurried and cause anoxic) , and had better be morning and dusk take it to go out to take a walk.

Because the construction of congenital body makes them unsuited,do long intense exercise, but its are had admirable reach the individual character that loves clean, consequently wide the account that gets the masses to love.

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