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What is the utility of Brussels shag gundog

Pet Question

This is a kind classic " European dog " be chase one kind dog -- it is the canine half-blooded result that comes from different area, because this produced a kind of inherent quality admirable, interesting, argute and can depend on partner dog. And its clever, vigilant and strong toy dog, figure dumpy, short, skill is nimble. Have the aspect of seductive similar mankind. Two kinds differ by wool: Bristle and undercoat. Besides be differred by wool, two breed are in other place just the same.

This kind of dog is in chinese mainland amount is less, but appearance of this kind of dog is unruffled, and often show lively pattern, and the body is able-bodied, raise easily, have development outlook very much.

The life characteristics of Brussels shag gundog suits a child commonly, suit city life, get used to chilly climate harder, need often is combed by wool, train easily, get along easily with other dog

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