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Impetigo In Dogs:Causes, Treatment, and Related Symptoms

Dog Medicine
Pustulosis, also known as pup pyoderma, is a disease in which pustules appear under the stratum corneum in prepubertal puppies.

Causes of Impetigo In Dogs

Impetigo is mostly caused by poor rearing conditions, and staphylococci can be isolated from impetigo.

Impetigo In Dogs Symptoms

Nonfolliculitis impetigo occurs in puppies 2 to 9 months of age. Symptoms typically appear on the abdomen, sometimes in the armpits, with rupture of the pustules followed by a yellowish crust or ringed dander, and dogs may experience itching.

Diagnostic Criteria For Impetigo In Dogs

A definite diagnosis requires a smear of the contents to identify staphylococci.

Impetigo In Dogs Treatment

This disease is a limited disease, the use of antibiotic bath and general care can be cured, enhance the body resistance, systemic and local use of antibiotics, drug shampoo adjuvant treatment. Systemic antibiotics can be used in severe cases, and bacterial culture should be performed if treatment is ineffective.