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Cellulitis In Dogs:Causes, Treatment, and Related Symptoms

Dog Medicine
Cellulitis refers to a generalized, diffuse, suppurative inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue caused by hemolytic Streptococcus, Staphylococcus aureus, or saprophytic bacteria.

Causes of Cellulitis

The mechanism is unknown. However, it is suspected that it may be related to abnormal immune system and genetic factors.

Cellulitis Dog Symptoms

The skin of the affected area had severe pain, diffuse redness and swelling, and the boundary was not clear with the surrounding tissue. There was significant pitting edema, which was initially a hard mass, and then became soft and ruptured in the center to form an ulcer. Systemic symptoms such as chills and fever may also occur, and some dogs may develop lymphadenitis, lymphangitis, gangrene, septicemia, etc.

Diagnostic Criteria for Cellulitis In Dogs

The diagnosis can be made on the basis of ill-defined redness and swelling of the skin, spontaneous pain and tenderness, and softening, fluctuation and rupture of the center.

Cellulitis Dog Treatment

Nutrition should be strengthened, multivitamins should be given orally, and analgesics and antipyretics should be added if necessary. And high-dose antibiotics must be administered early.
Inflammation can be local hot compress, the affected limb of the dog should be reduced activity, also can use ultraviolet or ultrashort wave physiotherapy, when the abscess is formed, need incision drainage and daily dressing change.